Photographs of Medieval Papal and Church documents

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If anyone is able to provide a translation of any of these documents, please let me know.

The Bull - Dated 1232 A.D.
This seal shows the name of Pope Gregory IX who was Pope from Mar. 19, 1227 - Aug. 22, 1241.

The papal seal affixed to most bulls is made of lead and is inscribed with the name of the reigning pope on one side and representations of the heads of St. Peter and St. Paul on the other side with the abbreviation SPASPE. SPA is for St .Paul and SPE St. Peter.

Vatican Archives article about Papal Seals



Papal document dated 1232 A.D.
Seal attached.




Church document dated 1201 A.D.
From Bishop Hermann II of Münster (1174 - 1203) Hermann II was the last bishop directly appointed by the emperor.

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Document dated 1363 A.D.





Photographs courtesy of the O'Zoe family.

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