The papal seal affixed to most bulls is made of lead and is inscribed with the name of the reigning pope on one side and representations of the heads of St. Peter and St. Paul on the other side.

The Catholic Encyclopedia article on Bulls and Briefs further explains: "A bulla was originally a circular plate or boss of metal, so called from its resemblance in form to a bubble floating upon water (Lat. bullire, to boil). In the course of time the term came to be applied to the leaden seals with which papal and royal documents were authenticated in the early Middle Ages, and by a further development, the name, from designating the seal, was eventually attached to the document itself."

The Bull itself. Dated 1232 A.D. This seal shows the name of Pope Gregory IX who was Pope from Mar. 19, 1227 - Aug. 22, 1241.

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